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Are you facing charges that could change your life?

Whether you need help with DUI charges or you are facing something much worse, Gil J. Altom, Jr. Attorney at Law will stand by your side through it.


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Don't face a courtroom without the expertise of your attorney

Hire a professional, proven attorney and you'll see that the best possible outcome is achieved. You'll be working directly with a former county district attorney who knows both sides of the law well. Get this advantage and know that there is hope for improved results, including:

• Reduction of your charges if possible
• Help with bond reduction
• Aid with jail release

Prove you are innocent or get the best possible outcome for your case by utilizing the expertise and dedication of Gil J. Altom, Jr. Attorney At Law.

Get help for all types of charges

Know that there's someone who will help you with your case, even if it's challenging. You can turn to us for:

  • Felony charges
  • Misdemeanor charges
  • DWI and alcohol-related charges
  • Occupational licenses

Don't step foot into the courtroom without the legal aid of a team that knows what you are facing and how important it is to you to get through it.

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